Akron Main Library's atrium and auditorium from Main Street


All available equipment at the TechZone@Main is listed below and is available by reservation. Ensure your appointment today by calling 330-643-9145.

Recording Studio
Professional grade recording studio using Studio One Pro recording software. Record live vocals and instruments. Import your own backing tracks. Studio One comes with music loops, virtual instruments and a large variety of effects. Listen to your production on studio quality monitors. Export your final mix down to mp3 or wave format.

3D Printing
Create your own design or simply download an object, pick a color and print. Prints are priced at $1 per print hour and must not exceed a total print time of 10 hours.

Design Computers
These specialty designed work stations have Adobe Creative Cloud, Corel Draw Microsoft Office 16 and Sketchup Make.

Laser Engraver
CO2 laser system utilized for the highest-quality engraving and cutting of wood, acrylics, plastics, stone, and much more. A rotary adaptor is available to engrave cylindrical objects. Material cannot exceed 12 in by 24 in.

Vinyl Printer/Cutter
Large format ink jet printing for a variety of applications. Create vinyl banners, wall and window clings, paper signs and adhesive stickers. The price is $2 per foot with a $1 setup charge.

Media Transfer Station
Digitize your legacy media. Formats include: VHS, DVD, 35mm slides and negatives, vinyl records, cassette and super 8mm film. There is also an interface to connect analog devices for transfer.

Green Screen Recording Studio
Record yourself using green screen technology and replace the background with any image or video. We supply everything you need: special lighting, video camera, microphone, editing computer and green screen background.

Studio in a Box
Create professional quality pictures with special diffused lighting and four different backdrops. We supply the camera.

Button Maker
Create 2.25in or 3 in buttons or magnets to promote your business or special event. The cost is $0.25 per button.

Laminating is available for $0.40 per pouch. Sizes available are 9 x 11 and 9 x 14.5.

Photo Printer
Print photos from your phone, tablet or digital camera. $.25 for 4 x 6 and $.50 for 5 x 7.

Scrapbooking made easy. Cut out designs and shapes to make cards or any project.

Sewing Machine
Create the newest fashion or just mend your clothes.

Collection TitlePDF
Laminating Pouch $.40 each
Vinyl Printer ($1 setup fee)    
  Removable Vinyl $2.00 (per linear foot)
  Clear Static Cling $2.00 (per linear foot)
  White Static Cling $2.00 (per linear foot)
  Permanant Adhesive $2.00 (per linear foot)
  Vinyl Banner Matte $2.00 (per linear foot)
  Vinyl Banner Gloss $2.00 (per linear foot)
  White Paper Gloss $2.00 (per linear foot)
Photo Printer 4 x 6 Print $.25 (per print)
  5 x 7 Print $.50 (per print)
Buttons Button/Magnets $.25 (per button)
3D Printer Filament $1.00 (per hour)